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Happy New Year!

2010-12-31 14:01:44 by gunszilla11

Hope anyone reading this has a wonderful New Year celebration, for me, I got an art exhibition to register for lol

hope 2011 doesn't show any witty surprises!


2010-09-19 15:50:47 by gunszilla11

just chilling out, writing a screenplay for the hell of it and drawing nonsense while listening to stand by your man by Lemmy and Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P)



2010-08-24 12:28:30 by gunszilla11

feeling drawing Mass Effect 2....I'll think about...gahhhhh!


2010-06-08 21:57:42 by gunszilla11

fuck yeahhhhhh!!!!! FOOOOOTTBAAALLLLLLL!!!!! i'm the best wide reciever in my team!!!! man tackle football hurts, even if your playing in a grassy area with rocks bigger than your head and dog shit... hey look a dog!



2010-06-06 12:49:48 by gunszilla11

moving to start college! yah! if you like my art then add me tp your favs or something! GAJHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

holy stuffings

2010-05-22 15:55:18 by gunszilla11

I haven't used my newgrounds account since...the year 2006!? thats very, very fancinating!



holy stuffings